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Years of EST.

Om Steel Solutions

The history of dynamic and progressive thinking

1998. Foundation

In 1998, JMS Detailing Pvt. Ltd was established with an initial employee count of five engineers by Maulik Shah under the guidance of Havens Steel based in the US.

Became a subsidiary of Havens Steel

Due to the stellar, efficient and flawless work ethique cultivated, JMS Detailing Pvt. Ltd. attracted the attention of Havens headquarters and became a subsidiary of Havens Steel. This led to a flurry of infrastructure projects across the USA propelling the employee count of the company to 45.

2004. OM Steel Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Havens Steel filed Chapter 11 in 2004 which led to the dissolution of JMS Detailing Pvt. Ltd. A new company named OM Steel Solutions Pvt. Ltd was established with Maulik and Parinda Shah as its directors. Within no time, the company was back on its feet, delivering the excellent services JMS Detailing was known for.

2008. Exclusive Team Foundation

In 2008, Om Steel established a team of engineers in Hubli, Karnataka to work exclusively on our projects. After 20 years of working in this industry, Om Steel is poised to grow again by venturing into new markets while continuing its old practice of immaculate service.

About Us

Vision & Mission

Strive for perfection. We have a simple belief and that is, our work should have the highest levels of quality no matter the cost.

We take great pride in ensuring everything is as per the requirement of the client by improving internal quality checks and training our employees to new standards and practices.

Our aim is to integrate technology with competent engineers to produce the best of results in the shortest of times.

Our Leaders

Maulik Shah, Managing Director

A Civil Engineer from the Prestigious V.J.T.I College in Mumbai, he was the sole force behind the establishment of JMS Detailing Pvt. Ltd. He has a Masters in Structural Engineering from the University of Massachusets and more than 30 years of experience in the filed of consultancy and engineering. Before establishing his own company he was a part of MNC’s like Chemtex, Toyo and Dupont.

Parinda Shah, Director Finance and Administration

An expert in the field of finance and taxation, she has been the supporting pillar to the growth of this company. A Chartered Accountant by profession she is responsible for the company’s administrative and financial requirements.

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