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Why Us


  • Founder and Managing Director Maulik Shah has 25+years of experience in Structural Detailing.
  • 10 years in Structural Designing which includes designing TYVEK line 5 & 7 for Dupont.
  • Our detailers are specially trained in client standards, requirements and practices. We have our own database known as “OMS Info Portal” that is open to all employees. It lists detailing standards, client-specific preferences, and troubleshooting.


  • Established in Mumbai in 2004 with a team of 8 people which has grown to 59 people in 2020.
  • Completed more than 100+, 500+ ton projects.
  • Projects are done in a variety of sectors.
  • Basecampcloud-based software used for schedule, Task tracking and team collaboration.
  • Check flow–cloud-based software which has our own custom-designed checklists for various tasks to ensure nothing is left to chance.


  • On-time performance for more than 99.99% of our projects
  • Project Status reports are sent on a weekly basis to show the status of various sequences across the project.
  • Mandatory Time tracking of each employee.
  • 3 Directors, 3 Project Managers, 11 Checkers, 12 Modelers, 23 Detailers, 3 IT specialists and 4 Admin. Segregation of roles for high efficiency.

Our Mission & Culture

Strive for perfection. We have a simple belief and that is, our work should have the highest levels of quality no matter the cost. We take great pride in ensuring everything is as per the requirement of the client by improving internal quality checks and training our employees to new standards and practices. Our aim is to integrate technology with competent engineers to produce the best of results in the shortest of times.


Our History

In 2008, Om Steel established a team of engineers in Hubli, Karnataka to work exclusively on our projects. After 20 years of working in this industry, Om Steel is poised to grow again by venturing into new markets while continuing its old practice of immaculate service.



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